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Taking the time to do it right

We leave no stone unturned when performing your eye exams. Your vision is important to us, so we ask that you set aside ample time for your appointment so we can go over any vision problems you may have and examine your eyes both inside and out. We don't want you to feel rushed while we give you the best possible individualized care.

What you'll get at every exam

• The best diagnostic equipment

• Glaucoma testing

• Macular degeneration testing

• Diabetic retinopathy checks

• Personalized service

• Vision therapy recommendations

• Other recommended treatments

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Have your eyes examined at least once per year.

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If our optometrists decide your vision needs help, learn more about our eyeglass and contact lens options to set you on the path to eye health.

20% off call out

Save 20% on any complete pair of eyeglass frames and lenses.

Does not include eye exam and excludes insurance and discount plans.