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Fast and personalized service

Glasses made to order in our own lab

After your comprehensive exam, your glasses can be ready the same day. Our lab technicians take the utmost care when crafting your lenses. Whatever your optometrist recommends, we can make them on the spot and frame them with designer style so your new glasses become a fashion statement as well. While you're here, we'll also evaluate your candidacy for LASIK surgery.

Superior eyeglass choices

• Single vision lenses

• Lined bifocal lenses

• Progressive lenses

• Polycarbonate lenses

• Scratch resistant

• Ultraviolet light blocking coating

• Bellagio frames

• Flexon frames

• Innovative frames

• Polarizes sun clips

We're open six days a week and accept most insurance plans!


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When your glasses become damaged, don't despair. Learn about eyeglass repair services that help save you money.

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Save 20% on any complete pair of eyeglass frames and lenses.

Does not include eye exam and excludes insurance and discount plans.

20% off call out